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No Really, “How Often Should You Publish Your Podcast?”

This was a recent question in a podcast community that I think is super helpful for those of you that are still trying to figure out how often you want to publish your podcast.

Whether it’s a matter of you trying to figure out what works best for you if you already started and you’re testing the waters trying to see, “Do I want to do it this way? Or that way? How do I really want to do it?” Or if you have not launched yet and you’re still trying to consider all of your options. Those are really the two camps most of you land in.

Or, if you have been podcasting one way for a while, and you’re just like, “I think I want to switch it up – maybe change things up a little bit,” then this episode is for you, too.

The actual question I came across was,

How often do you post a new episode, daily, weekly, etc. And why? Should you publish your podcast daily, weekly, or monthly? 

Let’s dive into my answer.

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Rules for The “Perfect” Podcast

Let’s imagine for a second that you are at home. You’re sitting at your kitchen table, maybe you’re eating some graham crackers and milk. (That’s what we like to eat after dinner. Actually, I prefer graham crackers and peanut butter and maybe a little syrup. I know it’s a weird thing. My mom always did when we were growing up. Peanut butter and syrup. Yumm! And then she would dip saltine crackers in them.)

But we’re gonna pretend that you’re just hanging out at your house.

Maybe you’re drinking some coffee, eating a little snack or something. I walk into your house. Wait. First of all, I’m not just going to waltz in. I’m not an intruder! I won’t just going to bust into your house!

But let’s say you invite me in.

No, wait. Someone else invites me in because I want you to really get into the mindset…I’m totally screwing this up. Just go with it.

Someone else answered the door because you are still sitting at your table, your kitchen table. Not in your office. Not in your bedroom. Not running around frantically. I want you to imagine yourself in a peaceful state of mind.

Maybe you’re daydreaming about what your amazing podcast could be, right?

And I walk up to you – obviously with a mask on. Hang on, let’s be real about this. Maybe I have a full-blown hazmat suit on at this point – at least as of the airing of this episode. We are still in the middle of a pandemic!

How Often Should You Publish Your Podcast

Then I hand you a box.

And inside this box is a podcast, the perfect podcast. You open the box. You look at what’s inside and say, “But Krystal, this isn’t my podcast. This is a perfect podcast…it checks all of the boxes. It’s got fancy artwork, great music, and production value…it has it all! And it looks fantastic!”

But then you say, “But this doesn’t work for me. This doesn’t work for my schedule. I have four kids at home. I have a dog that barks all the time…it just doesn’t work for me.”

There are probably 1,000 people that would come to my door and say, “Krystal, you’re doing this whole podcast thing all wrong. Did you know that you’re not supposed to be recording your podcast with your feet propped up on an office chair while you sit on the floor in your kid’s gaming chair in your media room?”

But guess what? That is exactly how I recorded this episode.

For what reason?
Because I can.
Because you can. 
Because there are no rules.

Y’all, there are no rules.

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Some Hard & Fast Rules

I know I just said, “There are no rules.” But think of these as guidelines to use as your formulate your podcast.

  • Publish your podcast once a week at the bare minimum.

  • Don’t skip weeks. (Yes, even holidays and vacations!)

  • Create a habit for your listeners to build your podcast into their weekly schedule.

Watch this video if you’re interested in learning more about seasons for your podcast. 

It really is worth checking out!

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At the End of the Day…

There is no perfect formula for a podcast. There are guidelines to live by that have proven time and time again to work. But at the end of the day, you have to do what works best for you to show up consistently every single week!

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