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Podcast Segment Ideas to Inspire You

If you’ve been around here a while,  you know that there are many ways to create podcast content ideas. But if you’re brand new to this podcast community, I encourage you to check out 500+ Podcast Ideas for Any Industry. You’re bound to find some ideas and inspiration for your podcast there!

But today’s episode is about ideas for you to create segments with your podcast. These can be those of you just launching your show or those of you seasoned podcaster who’ve found your ideas have gone a little stale.

  1. Mini-Series

  2. Basics 101

  3. Origin Story & Your Experiences

  4. Success Stories of Previous Clients/Students/Members of Your Community

Now, let’s dive into each one of these podcast segment ideas.

1. Mini-Series

When I first got started podcasting, I created several mini-series. This was the thing that made the most sense to me at the time and how I felt like I needed to start my show. 

So I started the “Take Care of…” series that lasted for several episodes.

“Take care of yourself…” & “Take care of your home…” were the ones that worked for me.

If you’re looking for a way to tie together several of your best ideas but you’re worried you’ll be rambling if you jumble them all into one episode, then I highly recommend getting started with the mini-series podcast segment ideas.

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2. “Basics 101”

You could do “Basics 101” types of episodes where you teach the basic strategies in for your industry, but from your unique perspective. You can use the info we talked about in the Foundations Episodes podcast where we talked about shows that you plan to refer back to over and over again.

But the principle here is to start with the concepts that your audience needs to know first in order to get started on this journey with you and your podcast. These are great podcast segment ideas for those you just getting started.

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3. Origin Story & Experiences

Your listeners wanted to know you and connect with you on a personal level. This doesn’t mean you have to share your home address or social security info with them, but it does mean you should take the opportunity to share your origin story. But what does that mean?

Well, how did you get started on this journey?

Like, do you have a fitness or weight loss podcast? And you like, achieved incredible results on your own path doing something that you teach today? Well, why don’t you share, you know about where you got started? Like, where were you before?

It’s kind of like the before and after photos, right? Let’s imagine you have a podcast based around a transformation of some sort. “This is who I was before. Here’s where I am now. This podcast [or this episode] is the pathway to those results.”

And then sprinkle in some of your own experiences into episodes so people can understand your origin story ever better.

Podcast Segments Ideas

4. Success Stories from Previous Clients, Students, and/or Members of Your Community

Everyone loves a good success story. Don’t you agree?

I know it fires me up when I hear someone who’s been in my shoes has achieved the success I aspire to have one day.

The same is true for your podcast audience!

They’d love to hear how you’ve helped a previous client save thousands of dollars. Or how you helped a single mom lose 50 pounds. Or how your digital course taught someone how to get started day trading.

Check out this video to learn more about sharing your customer’s success stories on your podcast.

It really is worth checking out!

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If You’re Just Getting Started…

To wrap up, I thought I’d pose one more question that I get asked all of the time: How do you decide on the very first episodes to put out?

Depends on how you want to establish your podcast.

Do you want people to get to know you first? Then start with a personal journey story that you can refer back to over and over.

Do you want to jump right into teaching your audience the important principles they need to know first? Then pick the top 3-5 lessons every person within your industry needs to know. 

Or you could take the approach from a coaching perspective and talks bout the 3-5 things they need to know before they hire someone with your expertise. 

The important thing is to pick one of the podcast segment ideas and run with it! 

RECAP: 4 Podcast Segment Ideas

  1. Mini-Series
  2. Basics 101
  3. Origin Story & Experiences
  4. Success Stories 

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