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Let’s Talk About Email Marketing

Bobby Klinck is a go-to expert in the email marketing space! And I’m so excited to have him on the podcast today.

We talked about the more polarizing you are with your email, the more you’ll attract your ideal audience. We talked about a few of Bobby’s recent email titles that have gotten him more opens, more replies, and more engagement than those boring emails we’re used to getting. (The “Peanut Butter and Cheetos” is one of my favorites!)

We talked about what to focus on when it comes to email marketing and the metrics associated with your list.

“We need to stop calling them newsletters…No one gets excited about a newsletter.”

Instead, let’s call them weekly newsletters.

Here are some of the metrics associated with email lists:

  • Open Rates
  • Click-Through Rates

Here are the metrics that are actually more important:

  • How often are people hitting REPLY and engaging with you?

How Do You Get Started Writing Your Weekly Emails?

Everyone is a storyteller. All of us.

“Most of us when we think of telling stories…we think Game of Thrones…we think epic tale. No. Stories are Seinfeld. They are those little tidbits from lifelike…sitting in a Chinese food restaurant waiting to be seated for 30 minutes…”

Let’s Talk About Being a Radical Giver…

Bobby shares stories about when he first got started in the online marketing space and how from his experiences he’s learned to be a radical giver. #radicalgiving

Bobby’s shares about giving away millions of dollars worth of free content and how it’s directly impacted his business. “Give and give and give…”

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What Does the Backend of Your Email Marketing Look Like?

Bobby shares that the actual system of his emails isn’t the same every single week. He sends an email to his list at least once a week, but could be multiple times a week! His weekly podcast email goes out on Tuesdays (when a new podcast episode airs) and on Fridays when he invites his audience to join him on a Facebook Live podcast episode. These are for the folks already on his email list. 

Here’s what it looks like when Bobby is getting someone on his email list for the first time:


Tells Me This About You
Credibility Boost


The nurture sequence will either be a small offer of something of lower value or guidance on how they can use the freebie.

3. Welcome Sequence

The welcome sequence is what you use to let people get to know who you are, what you stand for, and how you can help them. Bobby’s welcome sequence is 12 emails that go out twice a week, so it takes a new subscriber 6 weeks to get through the entire welcome sequence.

The emails in the middle are his greatest hits! Meaning, they had the biggest reaction when he first sent them out. Examples, “Sweet Baby Jesus”, “Why are you sending me pictures of your with random women?”, and “It’s about to get weird…” (Trust me, they’re worth reading!)

4. Start Receiving Regular Weekly Emails

But What About People Who “Unsubscribe”?

A lot of people think it’s personal. They think that you’re mad at them. But Bobby says, 

But ultimately, I celebrate unsubscribes because the only way you don’t get unsubscribes is you don’t send any email at all…

People try to hold back and be more vanilla because they’re afraid to offend people…

You can only truly attract your people if you’re willing to repel people who are not your people…

Don’t be vanilla!”

About Bobby Klinck

Bobby is a Harvard Law Grad turned online entrepreneur—but he’s NOT your typical lawyer. He doesn’t do suits, he hates legalese more than you do, and has a tendency to make lame pop-culture references and dad jokes.

He’s built a thriving online business by doing things a bit differently than other people… making the legal and business stuff simple with a focus on building real connections with real people instead of thinking of people as potential transactions.

After trying the “secret” strategies all the “expert” online entrepreneurs were telling him to do, Bobby realized that building a successful online business isn’t about chasing secret ninja tactics —it’s about doing the basics right and showing the eff up. 

Getting back to basics helped Bobby skyrocket his business success. Nowadays, besides helping people with the “legal stuff,” Bobby also helps other entrepreneurs get back to basics and use his unique style of relationship-based marketing to build their own thriving businesses.

Ways to Learn More About Bobby

Grab Bobby’s FREE Training Here: https://www.bobbyklinck.com/tellmorestories


Podcast: The Certified Badass Online Marketing Podcast

Facebook: @BobbyKlinckPage

Instagram: @BobbyKlinck

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Email Marketing with Bobby Klinck

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