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Repurposing Podcast Content

Have you been thinking about transcribing the audio from your podcast in order to use it in many different ways?

Well if you have, today I’m going to show you three ways that you can repurpose your podcast audio and use it for other cool things. I’ve seen this question pop up a lot where people are asking, “How do you transcribe your audio and for what purpose?”

I actually have an entire video that you can check below that actually shows you how to transcribe your audio using a super cool software that I love and I use it all the time.

But let’s talk about repurposing.

1. Blog Posts 

The first way you can use a transcription of your podcast episode is to create a blog post. Now, why would you want to do this? Maybe you’re saying, “I got into podcasting so I don’t have to write!”

Well, you have already done the writing.

It’s already done. After you have a finished transcription of your podcast episode, you can use that and it’s like you’re not starting from scratch. Okay?

Like if you are just like me and you see that, like the cursor blinking and you just kind of get a little tense up, you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I don’t even have all the thoughts. I don’t know what to say.”

With a transcription, you’re not starting from scratch!

You have the bare bones to create an amazing blog post on your website. And what does this do? This helps increase the visibility of your content. It’s good for SEO purposes. It’s another place that you can send people after the podcast episode is done.

You can say, “Hey, by the way, if you found this super valuable, you can go check out the show notes on my website and see all of the details.”

Let’s say you taught something. It was an episode about the top three things to do for your podcast topic. You can say, “Here are the steps laid out, and you can go and dive further into this topic in the show notes (aka beautifully written blog post).”

Now, why do we do this? It builds credibility with your audience! It shows them that you’re willing to go the extra mile to dive deeper into this topic.

We’re working smarter…NOT harder here, y’all!

This transcription can be done fully for you. And all you have to do is format it and make it look all pretty. So that is number one. You can repurpose a transcription of your podcast episode to use as a blog post.


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2. Social Media

The second way for repurposing podcast content can be used for social media. I have seen this a lot lately. And I think that it’s a fantastic trend because you’re repurposing your content!

Now, I want to share a little story. I see this happening all the time in Facebook groups that are directed towards podcasters. People are saying, “I don’t know what to post on social media…I only post one episode a week. And then I don’t want to just constantly tell my audience, Go listen to this! Go listen to this! Go listen to my app, my episode! Have you listened to this week’s podcast?!?”

They feel like they’re being spammy and annoying. I get it.

Because that is spammy and annoying.

You don’t want to do that to your audience. Instead, I want to see you take transcriptions of your podcast episode and maybe share like your top five takeaways from an episode. If you just say something really hard-hitting that you know is going to be impactful to your audience, share that on social media.

I’ve seen where people repurpose just a plain text and then they turn it into an Instagram post. Or you could create a graphic and turn it into a Facebook post. There are so many things that you can do, but I want you to use the repurposed transcription of your podcast episode and just try to get as many miles out of it as you can.

Repurposing Podcast Content

3. Paid Content

The third way that you can use your podcast transcription is for your paid content. Okay…now, stick with me here because I don’t want to lose you.

What do I mean by paid content?

I mean, that you can take, let’s say, your top 10 episodes. Your 10 best episodes.

If you took those, transcribed them, have them formatted and look great…you have yourself a workbook that you could potentially sell to people in your audience.

Woah…your mind was blown, right?

And maybe you’re saying, “But Krystal, people already heard this. They don’t want to read it.”

That’s not necessarily true. Because there have been times whenever I’ve listened to a podcast episode, and I feel like I’ve gotten everything out of it. But then someone comes out with a freebie or some other kind of download (which is ALSO another way you can use those 10 episodes – create like a little freebie and grow your email list)

You could do so much with this content. Because it’s another way that you connect with your audience. Not only audibly, not only visually, but then they actually have a physical thing in their hands or on their e-reader, whatever. They have this written form of communication and that is how they are interacting with your content.

Y’all, we don’t all learn the same way.

Why do you think books are still around?
Why do you think there are audiobooks?
YouTube Videos?

Because people learn in different ways. It’s just another way for you to reach those people in your audience who also enjoy the written word. 

Those are the three ways that you can reach your audience when you’re repurposing podcast content.

Recap: Repurposing Podcast Content

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Social Media
  3. Paid Content

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