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Podcast Coaching Calls

A one-hour Podcast Coaching Call was one of the Bonuses offered last time we opened the doors for Proffitt Podcasting. And I have to say…it’s been my FAVORITE additions to my schedule.

Getting to interact with students who are creating unbelievably incredible podcasts lights a fire inside of me that I didn’t know existed.

Y’all – course students and this community – are creating wonderful things!

Podcasts that are educating people about their health, the environment, how to run online businesses, gardening, coaching, and so many other important topics.

I get super emotional when I think about the ripple effect that is happening from one person stepping out of their comfort zone to put their creativity -their podcast – out into the world.

And I’m so proud of the amazing things that y’all are doing!

Podcast Coaching Calls

It’s Time for a Party

So, to celebrate all of the fun we’ve been having BEHIND-THE-SCENES of Proffitt Podcasting AND the fact that this is EPISODE 100 of the Proffitt Podcast, I wanted to share a coaching call I recently had with a student who just launched her podcast!

But before we bust out the bubbly and start shakin’ our tail feathers…

I wanted to break down for you exactly what a coaching call looks like in case you were wondering how the process works.

Here’s the Process of Podcast Coaching Calls:

  1. Send Students/Clients Scheduling Link to Make an Appointment
  2. Send Pre-Meeting Survey for Them to Fill Out Before Call
  3. Collect Survey Results
  4. Create an Agenda for Our Meeting Together
  5. Send Agenda to Student/Client (Google Docs)
  6. Collect Payment (Clients Only)
  7. Conduct Meeting in Zoom
  8. Record Meeting
  9. Add Action Items to Student/Client Agenda
  10. Go Over “Items to Be Completed” (Either Next Move or Next Meeting)
  11. End Call
  12. Add Recorded Video to Google Drive Folder for Student/Client
  13. Follow-Up for Progress Checks
  14. Schedule Another Meeting (If Needed)

Okay…now that you understand the process, we can get into my recent podcast coaching call student of Proffitt Podcasting, Suzanne Bazarko.

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Suzanne Bazarko

Suzanne Bazarko is the host of the “Feelings Fitness Podcast”. 

“Raising a family can be emotionally overwhelming. Managing the logistics of a household can be such a grind. Life in general can be extremely exhausting. Can you relate? 

Many families feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of family life. 

Enter yoga and mindfulness.

Let the Feelings Fitness Podcast be your guide to understanding what yoga and mindfulness is and how it can help your family. Allow the Feelings Fitness Podcast to show you how simple yoga sequences and mindfulness practices can calm the mind and body.

Podcast Coaching Calls

By using the Feelings Fitness Formula of yoga + mindfulness = emotional well-being, you can create peace and calm for your family.

Each week we will dive into a new feeling. We will analyze a variety of emotions. 

You will learn how to use these yoga and mindfulness practices to guide you through the seasons of life. 

After listening to each episode, you will walk away with yoga and mindfulness tools and lots of inspiration. You will be all set to move through the fast pace of family life with intention.

Your host, Suzanne Bazarko, is a registered yoga teacher, licensed professional counselor, certified mindfulness practitioner, and mom of two.

She created the Feelings Fitness Podcast as a vehicle to share with you what she has learned from raising her own family and how yoga and mindfulness has helped along the way.

Feelings Fitness. Feel Fit. Mind. Body. Spirit.”


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