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Episode 462

ConvertKit Rebrands to Kit and the Future of Content Creation

Craft and Commerce Unveiled: ConvertKit’s Magic

Discover the transformative magic of ConvertKit’s annual Craft and Commerce event in our latest podcast episode. From big news like ConvertKit rebrands to Kit to personal stories of rebranding journeys, this episode brims with excitement and invaluable insights. Plus, I spill the beans on my unique note-taking method, resulting in a whopping 221-page Google Doc filled with screenshots and wisdom.

Wisdom from Industry Leaders: Jen Olmsted and Nathan Barry

Listen in for motivational wisdom from industry heavyweights like Jen Olmsted and Nathan Barry. Jen’s powerful talk, “Don’t be the best, be the only,” challenges coaching strategies, while Nathan shares eye-opening insights on audience engagement. Explore the newly launched Kit Podcast Studios in Boise, Idaho, offering amazing opportunities for content creators. Afternoon keynotes from Xayli Barclay, Chennell Basillio, and Jon Youshaei provide actionable strategies on leveraging AI, making bold asks, and elevating your social media game.

Repurposing Content: Inspired by Beyoncé

Embrace the art of repurposing content inspired by Beyoncé herself. Initially skeptical, I discovered the immense value in innovating existing material to expand my reach effectively. Balancing authenticity and creativity, Codi Sanchez’s concept of a “virality meter” helps gauge content impact. Get ready to unleash creativity, take risks, and remember—the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Craft and Commerce Event Highlights: Networking and Rebranding

Relive the exhilaration of the Craft and Commerce event, a cornerstone of ConvertKit’s calendar. Networking opportunities abound, and the rebranding announcement to Kit stole the show. My journey into rebranding as a “content therapist” sparked interest and added depth to my professional identity.

Mastering Note-Taking: Organizing Insights from Craft and Commerce

Discover my method for extensive note-taking during conferences, compiled into a 221-page Google Doc packed with screenshots and insights. This method proved invaluable for capturing and retaining the information shared at the event, including insights from main-stage keynotes like John Meese’s significant contributions.

Marketing Tips from Craft and Commerce: Insights and Strategies

Delve into impactful talks by Jen Olmsted and Nathan Barry on podcast coaching and content strategies. Jen’s provocative message, “Don’t be the best, be the only,” reshapes coaching approaches, while Nathan’s insights as ConvertKit rebrands to Kit emphasize building an engaged audience. Visit the new Kit Podcast Studios in Boise, Idaho, and explore their impressive facilities and creator opportunities.

Afternoon Keynotes: Insights for Success

Explore enlightening talks from day one’s afternoon keynotes. Xayli Barclay inspires content creation and efficient AI tool usage. Chennel Basillio advocates for bold asks to propel business growth, and Jon Youshaei urges thoughtful adaptation of successful strategies for social media success.

Art of Repurposing: Beyoncé’s Influence

Learn the value of repurposing creative content inspired by icons like Beyoncé. Initially hesitant, I now see the power in innovating and personalizing existing material to effectively grow podcasts, channels, and email lists. Balancing authenticity and creativity is key, and the concept of a “virality meter” by Codi Sanchez promises deeper insights in part two of Craft and Commerce 2024.

Transcripts and Highlights: Deep Dive into Craft and Commerce

Experience key chapters through detailed transcripts, offering insights into the excitement, networking, and major rebranding announcement from ConvertKit to Kit at the Craft and Commerce event.

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