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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

Episode 403

Content Boundaries: What Are They & Why?

Boundaries…a topic I love!

Especially if you’re someone that’s overcoming a life-long journey of being a people-pleaser, content boundaries can set you free! They’ll give you the confidence to say “no” when your default might have always been “yes.”

And if you’re listening to the audio of this episode, you’ll notice I did something different with you. I wanted to read my handwritten notes and see how it goes. I’m doing this to show you that it’s not always about doing things the same way all the time. Sometimes you need to adjust and do what works for that day. I have three important things I want to share with you about content boundaries and why they are crucial. So, let’s dive in.

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Content Boundaries: Podcast Pitches

Firstly, I don’t let anyone just emails me or pitches me to be on the podcast because I have boundaries.

Creating a filter for your show is essential, and it helps you answer questions like, “Does this person offer value to my audience? Is it a relevant topic? Do we have any common connections?” If someone pitches me, this is the filter I use to decide if they will be a guest on the show.

It’s important to note that people don’t usually come on to the Proffitt Podcast through email pitches. Instead, I find them, or they find me, and we create a relationship first. The boundaries I’ve created around the show have made it easier to decide who to have on the podcast. So, what are your boundaries? Who do you want to come on to the show?

Secondly, I think of boundaries as filters that my decisions go through. 

For example, I try not to record anything more than once a week after 5 pm. This boundary is crucial for my schedule and family life. When I open my calendar, I have a few after-school hours throughout the month, but it’s not a daily occurrence. I don’t have a Monday through Friday, pick-whatever-time-you-want-between-8-am-and-5-pm kind of schedule. Those kinds of recordings are few and far between.

Lastly, having boundaries around the type of people you have as guests on your content is crucial.

I have wasted so much time interviewing the wrong people for my podcast. I used to actively think, “Why is this person on the show? This was a terrible mistake.” These people either become super self-promotional or can’t articulate and formulate ideas to keep a conversation going. So, I intentionally set up boundaries around my content interviews, and that’s how I look at them. Boundaries are essential, so remember: “I have boundaries” should be your recurring mantra!

In conclusion, creating boundaries for your content is essential. It helps you create a filter for your show and makes it easier to decide who should come on as a guest. Boundaries are also important in ensuring that you balance work and personal life. Finally, boundaries help you avoid wasting time and resources interviewing the wrong people.

So, what are your content boundaries?

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