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How to Make Money with a Podcast

Episode 465 How to Make Money with a Podcast Introduction: Unlocking the Secrets to Podcast Monetization In the latest episode of our podcast, we dive deep into the world of podcast monetization. Have you ever wondered when the right time is to start seeking podcast sponsors or how to differentiate between ads and sponsorships? This […]

Justin Moore

Episode 464 Pitching with Confidence: A New Era for Sponsorships Sponsorships are the backbone of monetization strategies in the dynamic realm of content creation. Join us in this episode, recorded at ConvertKit’s stunning new podcast studio, as we dive deep into the world of sponsorships with Justin Moore, a seasoned sponsorship coach. Expect insights, practical […]

Episode 463 The Power of Patience and Collaboration in Content Creation Resilience and Growth in Content Creation In the latest episode of our podcast, we explore the themes of resilience and growth in content creation. We take you on an inspiring journey that recaps day two of the Craft and Commerce 2024 conference. This episode […]

Episode 462 ConvertKit Rebrands to Kit and the Future of Content Creation Craft and Commerce Unveiled: ConvertKit’s Magic Discover the transformative magic of ConvertKit’s annual Craft and Commerce event in our latest podcast episode. From big news like ConvertKit rebrands to Kit to personal stories of rebranding journeys, this episode brims with excitement and invaluable […]

Episode 461 Podcast Monetization and Engagement: Insights and Success Stories Navigating Podcast Monetization with Traci DeForge The world of podcasting is vast and filled with opportunities for content creators to engage with audiences and monetize their efforts. Traci DeForge, with her extensive experience in broadcast radio and podcasting, brings a wealth of knowledge to those […]

Episode 460 Boosting Content with Strategic Tracking Techniques Lights, Camera, Analytics: Bringing 2000’s Movie Nostalgia to Content Tracking Content creation can be an exhilarating process. From ideating to publishing, every step can feel like an adventure. However, one aspect often viewed with less enthusiasm is tracking content performance metrics. The necessity of analytics is indisputable, […]

Episode 459 Mastering Podcast Production and Marketing with AI Tools Navigating the AI Revolution in Podcast Production and Marketing The world of content marketing is experiencing a seismic shift, thanks in no small part to the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). With the emergence of AI tools capable of transforming the content creation landscape, creators […]

Episode 458 Strategic Podcast Marketing with Buzzsprout with Alban Brooke Navigating the Podcasting Odyssey: Insights from Buzzsprout Podcasting has transformed into a multifaceted art form, allowing creators to express themselves and connect with listeners worldwide. A podcaster’s journey is filled with challenges and opportunities to captivate an audience. Buzzsprout has positioned itself as a catalyst […]

Episode 457 Mastering the Art of Marketing Your Creative Work: Insider Tips Navigating the Content Creation Jungle: Mastering the Art of Marketing In the buzzing world of content creation, where every voice clamors for attention, I’ve learned that standing out isn’t just about raw talent—it’s about strategy. In my latest podcast episode, I dive deep […]

Episode 456 Podcasting for the Sports Curious to the Enthusiastic Breaking Barriers: Amy Buchan Siegfried’s Journey into Sports Podcasting In the latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of conversing with Amy Buchan Siegfried, a mastermind blending sports knowledge with the rhythms of daily banter. Amy, known for her prolific Sports Curious podcast, has managed […]

Episode 455 How to Use ChatGPT for Solo Content Creation Unveiling the AI Revolution: Exploring Podcasting’s New Frontier The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in creative spaces has opened up a fascinating new world for content creators, particularly in podcasting. Today’s podcast episode explores the intriguing intersection, focusing on AI’s role in enhancing podcast storytelling […]

Episode 454 Podcasting Tech with the Buzzsprout Mobile App Let’s Dive into the New Buzzsprout Mobile App Beta Testing Process Podcasting has evolved tremendously over the years, and with each leap in technology, content creators are given a whole new arsenal of tools to elevate their craft. As a seasoned podcast coach and enthusiast for […]

Episode 453 Turning Adversity Into Hope: The Story of a Podcast Born from Resilience and Optimism with Teisha Rose Transforming Struggles into Stories: The Journey of Teisha, Founder of Hurdle2Hope When life presents its toughest challenges, some people find a way to transform their struggles into a beacon of hope for others. This is precisely […]

Episode 452 Charting the Evolution of Content Creation: Strategies, Fears, and the Journey Overcoming Fear and Launching Creative Projects Embarking on the content creation journey is akin to setting sail on a vast ocean of opportunities and challenges. In today’s episode, I’m your seasoned navigator, guiding you through the evolving seas of digital content. I’m […]

Episode 451 Harnessing Digital Tools for Online Success with ToolTester Founder Robert Brandl Unveiling the World of Digital Tools: Insights from ToolTester Founder Robert Brandl In a recent episode, I was grateful to speak with Robert Brandl, founder of ToolTester, as a guest to discuss the dynamic world of digital tools and their significant impact […]

Episode 450 Keeping Your Audience Engaged Through Personal Hurdles and Content Gaps Navigating Life’s Curveballs: Balancing Content Creation Amidst Chaos Content creators are familiar with the challenge of juggling their creative work with life’s unpredictable events. A common dilemma is the struggle to maintain consistency and keeping an audience engaged while managing personal disruptions. In […]

Episode 449 Navigating Podcast Breaks for Maximum Listener Retention Is Podcasting Too Crowded? Podcasting has become a dynamic medium for storytellers, educators, and marketers alike. However, with the podcasting space becoming increasingly crowded, it’s essential to structure your podcast effectively to stand out. In the latest episode of our show, we delve into the nuances […]

Episode 448 Optimizing Your Content Journey with My Personal Tech Stack Guide Workflow Inefficiencies are Your Wasting Time In the digital sphere, content creation is king, but even the most creative minds can stumble upon the hurdles of workflow inefficiency. As a seasoned Podcast Coach and Content Strategist, I wanted to highlight this challenge in […]

Episode 447 Financial Savvy for Business Growth with Expert Navigating the Entrepreneurial Financial Maze: Insights from Danielle Hayden Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey brings its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to mastering business finances. Our latest podcast episode features Danielle Hayden, CEO of Kickstart Accounting, who shares invaluable insights into strategies for […]

Episode 446 Amplify Your Brand with Customer Stories Harness the Power of Customer Testimonials In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, customer testimonials have emerged as a crucial tool for brand elevation and business success. These testimonials serve as social proof, validating a product’s or service’s quality and effectiveness to potential customers. Harnessing the power […]

Episode 445 SEO Secrets for Podcast Growth with Carrie Saunders SEO for Podcasters: The Ultimate Guide Are you ready to make your podcast stand out in the crowded sea of digital content? In our latest podcast episode, we talk with expert Carrie Saunders about how strategic SEO can elevate your podcast and help you reach […]

Episode 444 Embracing Change: A Podcast Host & Health Coach’s Path with Molly Asplin The Journey Begins: From Corporate Finance to Entrepreneurship In the entrepreneurial landscape, where the trade-off between stability and dreams is pivotal, stories like Molly’s are inspiring and enlightening. Transitioning from the structured world of corporate finance to the dynamic realm of […]

Episode 443 Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship with Marie Forleo Unveiling the Entrepreneur’s Time Dilemma Time is an entrepreneur’s most valuable asset, yet it often feels like the scarcest. In a dynamic podcast episode with the inspiring Marie Forleo, listeners are given a masterclass in time management tailored for the ambitious entrepreneur. The episode begins with reflecting on […]

Episode 442 Mastering Content for Business Success: Strategies to Captivate and Convert Your Audience The Digital Landscape: Where Content Reigns Supreme In the ever-evolving digital landscape, content is a pillar of business success. It is the digital handshake that introduces your brand to the world. The intricate dance between crafting compelling content and fostering a […]

Episode 441 Embracing Authenticity and Media Savvy to Skyrocket Your Podcast Audience with Susie Moore Leveraging Media and Podcasting: How to Amplify Your Message and Grow Your Audience Are you ready to discover how to magnify your message and connect deeply with your audience this year? In the latest episode of our podcast, I had […]

Episode 440 Successful Podcast Launch and Monetization Strategies: Coaching Wisdom Strategic Content Planning: Mastering Time Management and Asana for Content Creation Are you ready to take command of your content production in 2024? Let’s delve into the essentials of strategic content planning, setting personal non-negotiables, aligning content with promotional strategy, and using Asana for accountability. […]

Episode 439 How to Be More Productive in Content: 5 Simple Ways Overcoming Procrastination The journey from procrastination to productivity is a common challenge in content creation. (It’s also why many people burnout; they never fully understand how to be more productive in content.) This podcast episode explores strategies to enhance efficiency and escape the […]

Episode 439 Podcast Automation and the Future of Podcasting with Joe Casabona Podcast Automation: An Evolution in the Age of AI In an era where content is king, the world of podcasting continuously evolves with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation tools. The latest episode of our podcast series is a testament to […]

Episode 437 How to Start a Podcast in 2024: Blueprint for Podcast Success   Unlocking the Power of Podcast Planning: The PREP’M Method Are you dreaming of starting your very own podcast in 2024? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect starting point. In the latest episode, I how to start a podcast in 2024 […]

Episode 436 Podcasting Year in Review: A Look Back at 2023 and Hopes for 2024 Celebrating Milestones and Embracing Trends: Lessons from Podcasting Let’s seize the moment to celebrate significant achievements while dissecting the dynamic approaches of embracing trends and opportunities that arose in 2023. If you want to gain insights into podcast growth, strategic […]

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