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Episode 421

A Week in the Life of a Productive Podcaster

Question from the Community

I love it when you submit questions from the community — I always learn so much about this incredible audience. Here’s Theresa’s question from The Proffitt Podcast Facebook Group:

“Somewhere I thought there was a ‘Week in the Life of a Podcaster” episode, podcast, or lesson I can’t seem to find it. Sooo my podcasting friends…
What does your week usually look like as far as podcasting? Do you follow a set schedule for recording?

My work schedule is varies week by week and I’m trying to plan not just a launch date but some sort of schedule for content creation, editing, production and promotion.
Overly like there won’t be enough hours in a day but you’re doing it so I know it can be done!
Thanks ahead of time!!

First, thank you so much, Theresa, for this question. Now, let’s dive into the resources I recommend exploring and what everyone can do to find the right path for them in a week in the life of a productive podcaster.

This Applies to All Podcasters

Every podcaster understands the monumental task of managing a podcast. From planning and recording to editing, publishing, and marketing, the list of tasks seems never-ending. However, let’s explore strategies to navigate these choppy waters, providing a lifeline to podcasters feeling overwhelmed.

Introducing The PREP’M Method

The key to navigating this sea of tasks is the PREP’M method, a comprehensive framework that can streamline your schedule and help you make the most of your resources. This method involves five steps:

  1. Plan
  2. Record
  3. Edit
  4. Publish
  5. Market

Each step is crucial to achieving a productive podcasting process and, when executed correctly, can significantly enhance your podcast’s efficiency.

1. Planning

Planning is perhaps the most critical step in the PREP’M method. Spending ample time on planning can reduce the time spent on recording, editing, and publishing. Moreover, a well-thought-out plan can boost your confidence, allowing you to create more compelling content.

2. Recording

Recording, the next step in the process, requires strategic time management. Batching your content can be an excellent strategy, allowing you to maximize your productivity and create a consistent schedule for releasing your episodes. Remember, the more organized you are during the recording process, the less time you will spend on editing.

3. Editing

When it comes to editing, many podcasters often spend more time than necessary. While editing is essential, it should not consume a significant portion of your time. Utilizing tools like 2x speed and listening can help speed up the editing process, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your podcast. Just cutting down on the amount of time you spend editing your show can significantly improve a week in the life of a productive podcaster.

4. Publishing & 5. Marketing

Publishing and marketing are the final steps in the PREP’M method. The publishing process can be streamlined with the help of AI tools while understanding your audience can supercharge your marketing efforts. It’s important to remember that the most fantastic content won’t make an impact if it’s not marketed effectively.

PREP’M Time Audit

No,w In addition to the PREP’M method, we also delve into the power of AI tools in revolutionizing the podcasting process. These tools can save you time, making the publishing process smoother and more efficient. Additionally, conducting a time audit can be a useful tool in revealing where you might be able to shave off some minutes, further enhancing your efficiency.

Let’s Look at Asana

Finally, I couldn’t talk about a week in the life of a productive podcaster without mentioning my favorite project management tool: Asana. Let’s take a peek at my Asana boards, a game-changer for planning and organizing content. We also discuss the importance of being kind to yourself during this journey – remember, content creation is a marathon, not a sprint.

To sum up, effective and productive podcasting requires careful planning, strategic recording, efficient editing, smooth publishing, and targeted marketing. By leveraging the PREP’M method, utilizing AI tools, conducting a time audit, and using Asana boards, you can transform your podcast journey and boost your efficiency. Listen to the full episode today to learn more about these strategies and revolutionize your podcast process.

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