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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

Episode 418

3 Best AI Tools for Podcasters and Creators

In this modern digital age, the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniably transforming numerous sectors, including content creation. AI tools are not just changing the game for podcasters but are revolutionizing the way content creators work. I’m taking you on a tech-infused journey, sharing my personal experiences with three AI tools that have drastically altered her content creation process and how to use them for:

1. Planning Content,
2. Producing Content, &
3. Improving How You Market and Edit Your Content

 Today’s episode jumps off by detailing how I use AI-driven tools for The Proffitt Podcast, along with videos and other forms of content. I’m walking you through how these AI tools assist in various stages, from planning and creating to producing and polishing the content.

1. Planning & Creative Assistant: ChatGPT 📝

First, let’s talk about how I use ChatGPT’s innovative technology for brainstorming sessions. Chat GPT, often referred to as the creative assistant content creators didn’t know they needed, helps to overcome creative blocks. It generates multiple ideas on given topics, tailored specifically for your audience. Crystal shares specific prompts she uses with Chat GPT to brainstorm content ideas and develop outlines and talking points for her podcast episodes and YouTube videos.

ChatGPT is great for many reasons, but the thing that I’ve found most helpful for podcasters and content creators is the ability to use it to plan content — in real-time. If you have an idea (or even a tiny smidge of an idea), you can use ChatGPT to fully flesh out the content you’re wanting to create.

Here are three examples (with prompts!) of how I’ve been using ChatGPT for my content: (ChatGPT Link)

  1. Brainstorming Ideas for Content Topics
    • “Give me 10 ideas I can use to talk about [CONTENT TOPICS: how podcasting and content creation] that can benefit [AUDIENCE: online business owners]”
  2. Developing Outlines and Talking Points for Podcast Episodes and YouTube Videos
    • “Now turn that into a podcast outline and script for a YouTube video”
  3. Generating Questions to Ask My Podcast Guests
    • “Give me 6 questions I can ask a guest about this same topic”

The goal isn’t to let ChatGPT do all the work, and you sit back and relax. The goal is to use AI as a creative assistant that helps you develop ideas along the way. Now, let’s dive into the rest of the 3 best AI tools for podcasters and creators.

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2. Content Production: Buzzsprout’s Cohost AI & ChatGPT (if you don’t use Buzzsprout) 💻

One of the significant tools we need to discuss is Buzzsprout’s Cohost AI feature because…it’s incredible! I released a YouTube video about it in June 2023, and just a few weeks later, it was already outdated! (Because Buzzsprout keeps on giving.) You should know I’m a Buzzsprout Creator, and I’ve been using the company since I started podcasting in 2018. And they keep coming out with incredible features for podcasters. But Cohost AI might be my favorite. And that’s saying something because I thought you couldn’t get any cooler than Dynamic Content — I was wrong!

So, what is Cohost AI, and what can it do for your podcast? 🤔

It streamlines the podcast content creation process, providing podcast title recommendations from your audio file and even writing a podcast description. It’s a tool that makes podcasting so efficient you’ll wonder how you worked without it.

It’s a simple tool that you enable on your Buzzsprout account — it is a paid feature, and there might be an additional add-on to your plan, so I’ll link an article by Buzzsprout that has the breakdown of all the features and what you can expect when you sign up.

But I wanted to share how I’m using Cohost AI in my podcasting journey these days.

First, all I have to do is upload my finished audio file to Buzzsprout, and Cohost does the rest. Yes, really. That’s all you have to do!

Cohost AI gives you: 🙌

  1. 5 Title Recommendations
  2. Written Podcast Description
  3. 3 Quotable Social Post Options
  4. Automatic Chapter Markers
  5. Blog Post
  6. Transcript

All 6 of those are automatically generated just for you uploading your audio file into Buzzsprout — like I said, one of the best things Buzzsprout has ever released!

If you don’t use Buzzsprout, you could use a tool like ChatGPT, Capsho, Ausha, or Cast Magic to generate all the things Cohost AI does for you, but I’m just going to recommend you go with Buzzsprout and do everything all in one place.

Now, let’s talk about what I do to clean everything up and give my podcast episode that special touch of human that it needs to actually sound like me.

3. Editor, Grammar Police, & Overall Better Presentation with Grammarly ✍🏻👮

Let’s talk about the final publication process, where I edit and present my content using Grammarly, a tool I’ve used for years! And technically, I use it throughout the content process because as I planned today’s episode in Asana, I was getting notifications that my grammar was way off and that my spelling was horrendous — do you see how AI is so special? It makes you think that I’m actually a good writer when in reality, you see things after they’ve gone through at least 20 spelling and grammar checks! 😁

But I’ve installed the Grammarly plugin and keyboard in every place I could or would create content — my computer, my phone, my iPad. 📲 It’s literally everywhere! And it’s saved me so much time. ⏰ Because I no longer worry in the planning process about having everything sound great from the get-go. I get the ideas from my head into my planning tool (a Google Doc or Asana), and Grammarly does the rest.

What I love about it, too, is that you can choose the style of writing you’re going for. For instance, if you want to be more formal and composed, you can choose that setting. If you want to be more casual and laid back, choose that. But I’ve used it for so many years that it red flags anything that’s 1) totally wrong, 2) misspelled or grammatically incorrect, & 3) things that seem out of place for my typical writing. 

And a newer feature Grammarly added is called “Grammarly Go,” which is still in beta as I’m recording this. But basically, you can highlight a portion of your text and ask the AI to improve it. You have options like “Improve it,” “Make it engaging,” “Make Persuasive,” “Sound Confident,” and “Make it assertive,” — which are all incredible tools to have if you’re doing any copywriting for your business, such as:

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages for email opt-ins
  • Blog posts
  • Or any other written forms — I even use Grammarly for my emails all the time!

It really is my reliable editor and grammar police and goes beyond simple spell-checking, ensuring my written content is up to standard. Plus, it helps transform the content generated by AI tools like Cohost AI  into something I’m proud to publish. 🌟

Wrapping Up

The AI revolution in content creation is a frontier that all modern content creators should explore. The 3 Best AI Tools for Podcasters and Creators like Chat GPT, Buzzsprout’s Cohost AI, and Grammarly are making the process easier and more efficient. Starting from somewhere is better than never starting at all, making these AI tools the perfect gateway to revamped content creation.

If you’re consuming this in real-time and the world of AI is of interest to you, I encourage you to check out Amy Porterfield’s new lead magnet all about using AI to generate your next course idea. You can go to KrystalProffitt.com/ai-course to download it today. 🤖

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