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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

Goal setting…

Just typing those words make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up…with excitement!
Oh yeah, I’m that kinda super nerd. And I’m not ashamed of it! 


I love setting goals!


And today we’re talking about setting intentional family goals!

Because, as I said, I’ve always love setting goals!. I’ve been a product of challenging myself ever since I can remember. Maybe it comes from doing sports from a young age and being competitive. 

I used to push myself to hang on to the monkey bars longer than anyone else.
I tried to hold my breath underwater longer than my two older brothers.
And I just knew I could graduate from college in 4 years without ever dropping a class.

Maybe it stems from overcoming many obstacles in my life, but I know that setting and achieving goals is LIFE-CHANGING!

But Krystal, that takes time and intentionality and just seems like a lot of work. Is it worth it?


Um, yes!


Yes, it’s worth it work on yourself every day and to encourage your family members to try hard things. Because hard things happen in life. Period. The end.

There will come times in life when you wish you would have pushed yourself to try a little bit harder or to show up just a little bit stronger. And routinely setting (AND achieving!) goals is the perfect formula for accomplishing the life you want.

Setting Intentional Family Goals

3 Areas to Set Goals as a Family

  1. Personal

  2. Professional & Academic

  3. Family

Setting Intentional Family Goals



Each family member has their personal goals and those goals fall into 3 categories:
Mind, Body, & Soul.

The reason I chose to focus on these areas is that if these areas are in balance, then you’re likely to feel pretty dang good about yourself.


So let’s start with the Mind.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to read.

“But Krystal I haven’t read a book in years. What do they even talk about anymore? Is it more of the same garbage I had to read in high school?”

First of all, I feel you. On such a deep level I understand exactly what you mean!

I quit reading after college. I’m not even sure I picked up more than a book a year that I half-assedly attempted to read. (Meaning, I might have gotten halfway through and realized it was too much work.)

But since I picked the habit of reading back up, my motivation, knowledge, & hunger for learning has grown exponentially!

And if you don’t’ even know where to start, tell me what you’re interested in. Seriously, email me: Krystal@KrystalProffitt.com and I’ll give you some suggestions! You don’t want a serious book, I have at least 10 books written by comedians I’d love to recommend to you!

Set a goal to read at least one book this month. One book. In a month. That’s totally doable!

Setting Intentional Family Goals



Along with the reading is learning. The only reason why I separated these two is that learning isn’t limited to books.

I routinely listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, and attend events where I’m interacting with people who are way smarter than me.

“But Krystal, I’m not in an industry where I can attend events or where people talk on podcasts or create YouTube videos. Why do I need to learn new stuff?”

Okay, are you ready for a little tough love?


If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.


Learning new things doesn’t have to be this boring thing you are forced to do because someone made you sign up for a political science class you didn’t want to take. (Sorry, sophomore year of college flashbacks.)

Learning can be fun and creative and involve things like art classes, hip hop classes, board games, traveling, flower arranging, cooking, or the more traditional route –  taking a class.

So here is my challenge to you, get a goal to learn one new skill in the next 6 weeks. One skill. 6 weeks. I promise you can handle it!

It could just be how to spatchcock a chicken. Which is a real thing, by the way, and something I learned how to do with multiple trials & errors, but I finally did it! And it was delicious! Thank you, Martha Stewart!

Setting Intentional Family Goals


Let’s move on to the Body.

Healthy foods need to go into our bodies!

This is the number one place where people set goals and break them. Set them again. And break them again.

And I’ll be honest, this is where I struggled for a long time! But that was only because I had no idea how bad my habits had gotten.


I was eating junk.


I see you Nutty Bars & Cheezits!

My habits from living a single life in college trickled into the early years of my marriage and starting a family. Then, I suddenly realized it’s expensive to eat out every day. “I guess I need to learn how to cook,” was my thought when I thought about cooking my baby’s food.

But Y’all, this may be one of the most fun ways to take care of yourself!


You get to experiment with food!


And trust me, there are MILLIONS of ways to make healthy versions of your favorite dishes.

So go try them. Set a goal to eat more vegetables this month than junk food. Cut fast food out of your diet altogether.

And if you can’t make any crazy lifestyle adjustments right now, then I have one simple tip: eat a salad every single day.

Whether it’s for lunch or dinner or even breakfast (I don’t judge), but get some more veggies in your body TODAY!

Setting Intentional Family Goals


We have to move our bodies!

I heard a great thing the other day by Mrs. Rachel Hollis on her live stream she does every weekday with her husband, Dave. She said, “We are animals. We were not meant to sit behind a desk, at a computer all day. We were meant to run and dance and sweat and move our bodies!”

I think I knew this on a practical level, but I had never heard someone describe us as animals outside of my anthropology class when we studied homo sapiens.


But I love this idea!


The change in mood and how you feel after a workout is something I look forward to when I’m feeling crummy! I crave those endorphins and can’t wait for my next run.

But I wasn’t always like that. Maybe you aren’t like that. But I can tell you it can happen for you too.

You just have to be willing to take that first step and commit.


So get moving!


Set a goal to move your body every day! Not just once a week or once every few months. Every day!

Setting Intentional Family Goals


Sports & Activities for the Kids

Y’all, my children are maniacs when they don’t exercise!

When it’s been a raining day, and we’ve had quite a few of those since we moved to Houston, my kids are crazy fools jumping off the walls! If they’ve been stuck in the house for too long, it ain’t pretty.

What do they need?


Exercise! They need to burn off that energy!


Get them moving too!

You remember when you were a kid in the summer and you swam in the pool all day? Then, when it came time for bed you had no issue going to sleep. It’s the same concept for YOUR kids!

Wear them out!

Put them in sports or an afterschool activity. Encourage them to run extra hard in PE and get that blood pumping.

Children don’t need to have goals related to “losing weight”, but focus on the positive attributes that come from taking care of ourselves. And, we should be modeling this kind of behavior for them too.

So set a goal to get you and your kids moving! Break a sweat! Dance it out! Get on the trampoline!



Setting Intentional Family Goals


I feel like I’ve saved the best for last, the Soul.

I won’t get into religion here, but I will talk about the spiritual practices that have helped me.



I pray every single day. Every day.

If any part of my life starts to feel chaotic or I feel overwhelmed, I realize it’s because I haven’t prayed.

Now, I’ll be very transparent here. Just because I pray, doesn’t mean I don’t have issues! Trust me, ask my husband. He’ll tell you all about my issues! 🙂

But I know that ever since I adapted this practice into my daily routine, I am a different person than I used to be.


Quiet time

Related to prayer, this can be soul-refreshing! Maybe you have quiet time in a hot bath (sounds like a dream, huh?) or sitting on the floor of your closet for a few minutes. But get somewhere where you can collect your thoughts quietly or sit in complete silence. Away from the kids. Away from the dog. Away from anyone needing anything from you!

Learning to embrace the quiet little moments in your life can help overcome the crazy, chaotic days!



I know, I’m biased. I’m a writer. I LOVE writing. But I didn’t always love it. 

I actually started my writing journey with To-Do lists. Yup, To-Do lists. I started writing down all the things I needed to accomplish for the day or week (or we like to call it “Brain Dumping” around here) and my life got exponentially more productive, immediately! 

You know all those ideas or things you need to do swirling around in your head? Yes, those things that annoy you when someone is talking or overwhelm you when you see what time it is and realize you haven’t accomplished anything today.

Those things can be accomplished in an organized manner TODAY if you take the time to write them down.

Go ahead, try it. Write down everything you need to do today. What could it hurt?

Setting Intentional Family Goals



Where do you want to be in a few years?
What do you want to accomplish? 
How much money do you want to make? 
What will take you to the next level?

All of these questions are worth examining if you want to leap in your professional life.

Maybe you own a company or you’re looking to start one.
Maybe you are wanting to get promoted in your current job.

Whatever the goal you set for yourself, you have to consider ALL of the things that’ll take for you to get there. Set some goals and stick with them!

Setting Intentional Family Goals



This subject is more for the kids unless you are in school right now too! (Thank goodness my husband Seth will be done by August 2019! Having a spouse in school at night and on the weekends is tough!)

But ask them some questions:

  • How many books do you want to read this year? 6 weeks? Etc?
Setting Intentional Family Goals



What are some goals we can achieve together as a family?

“Krystal, you seriously sit down and ask your family this?” 

Yup. Every once in a while, usually twice a year, we sit down as a family and talk about goals. We talk about everyone’s personal goals and then we go into what we want to accomplish as a family.

Do we want to:

  • Spend more time together

  • Have more Family Game Nights

  • Go to the movies more

  • Go visit other family members

I know this sounds silly to sit down and talk about this, but this is how intentional goal setting works. You have to ask the silly questions until they don’t feel silly anymore. 

And if you have young kids, it won’t be silly at all to them. It’ll be routine. It’s something that you do as a family.

And knowing that we have these goals in place keeps them top of mind when we’re planning our weekends together.

Setting Intentional Family Goals


For Extra Help with Goal Setting for Kids, Check This Post Out:
Set Goals with Your Kids


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

– Les Brown


Y’all, I know I talk about goals a lot. A LOT!
It’s because I believe in the power of them.
I believe that you, TODAY – right here, right now…you have the power to change your life.

But only if you can see what you’re aiming at.

What are you trying to accomplish?
What are you striving to do?

Are you just going through life existing?
Trying not to die?

I challenge you to set some goals. Look at all of the areas above. If it intimidates you to set a goal in ALL those areas, that’s okay. Pick one. One area. One new goal.

But you have to commit. You have to stick with it. And you have to involve someone besides yourself.

Because there is so much power in accountability.

Do you have a spouse?
Do you have a best friend?
Do you have a parent?
What about a co-worker?

Ask them to hold you to these goals. Ask them to check in on you in every once in a while. Ask them for encouragement when you start feeling discouraged.

And if at any time you need some extra support, email me. Krystal@KrystalProffitt.com I’d love to send you some words of encouragement!

Or hit me up on social:
Facebook: @KrystalProffittTx 
Instagram: @KrystalProffittTx

I’ll remind you that you got this!!




Keep it up, Rookies! We all have to start somewhere!

– Krystal

Be Sure to Download Your FREE Goal Setting Worksheet!

Setting Intentional Family Goals

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