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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

My husband and I are really big nerds. Like REALLY big nerds! My dad calls Seth “Geek Squad” – a term that’s stuck around for several years now. (But I think Seth has secretly embraced his nickname and likes being known as the Man of All Tech Solutions!)

Anyway, back to us being super nerds. We love our spreadsheets. We love our data. We love our technology.

Seth more so than me on the tech, but that’s because that’s his bread and butter. His career is centered around working with super-high level IT professionals every single day!

But what we love more than any of those is Goal Setting. Real romantic, right?

I can still remember one of the first roadtrips where I sat in the passenger seat – notebook in hand – while Seth drove our minivan full of sleeping boys, and we wrote down our goals for the upcoming season of life.

Teach Your Kids How to Set Goals

We asked each other questions like:

What do we want to accomplish?
Where are we financially?
How do we want the next 6 months to look?
Where do we want to be a year from now?

All these questions are part of our normal routine now. Every few months we sit down and brainstorm what we need to do with to the house or where we want to travel or how we can help the kids.

Today, these practices have trickled over into our parenting and I couldn’t be more grateful for our nerdiness!

Our boys have seen first hand what happens when Mommy sets a goal to run that extra mile and when Daddy gets all A’s in his classes for his Masters Program! (We’re all pretty dang proud of him, by the way!)

These things wouldn’t happen if we didn’t set our own goals on a regular basis. So let me show you how we set goals with our children a few times a year.

Steps to Goal Setting:

Teach Your Kids How to Set Goals

1.Brainstorm Goals

  • Write down all of the things you’d like to accomplish this year
    • Younger Kids:
      • Read more books
      • Learn to ride bike with no training wheels
      • Make A-honor every 6 weeks
      • Get good behavior so you can visit the teacher’s special treasure box
    • Middle School Age:
      • Make a sports team
      • Try out for a new extra curricular club/activity
      • Make 3 new friends
    • High School Age:
      • Start studying for the SATs
      • Plan out a driver’s ed schedule
      • Find a side job babysitting or mowing lawns
      • Start looking at college admissions requirements
Teach Your Kids How to Set Goals

2. Pick 2-3 “Priority goals”

(Per 6-9 week period or 5 per semester if that’s easier for your family)

It can be a really overwhelming to have ALL of the goals in front of your face for whole year!

But if you plan it out in little chunks you and your child will be surprised by how much you can achieve in a 6-week period.

Teach Your Kids How to Set Goals

3. Set Understandable Expectations

  • Have an end date
    • Circle a date on the calendar that’s reasonable for your child and go for it!
  • Create several “check-in” dates to see how things are progressing
    • Maybe set a reminder for once a week or once every 2 weeks

However, you can get a little too crazy and down right annoying with this! You don’t want to bug them to death about it, but you also don’t want to set a goal and then walk away from it without any accountability. Know your child.

Teach Your Kids How to Set Goals

4. Make Rewards Clear for Goals Achieved

  • We like to take the kids for a fun night out at the movies or the arcade
  • We’ve also rewarded our kids with books, money to spend at the book fair, educational toys, or something we know they really, really want (but let’s not go crazy here…we are on a budget after all!)

But this isn’t meant to happen all the time. It’s best given as a treat once per 6-week period (a book/a few small books) or per semester (a bigger gift/reward).

Teach Your Kids How to Set Goals

5. Encourage them along the way!

  • Ask them how they’re doing on their goals
    • It’s really helped us if we just mention the goals and the kids gets excited to talk about them again
      • Keep it simple: “How are you doing on your book reading?” or “Did you ever get a chance to talk to that new girl in class? Maybe she needs a friend?”
    • And if they’re struggling to stay on track, see what struggles they are facing
      • I cannot stress to you how impactful this is for your personal relationships with your children!
      • You get to ask them questions on a level that would otherwise go untouched without these goals
Teach Your Kids How to Set Goals
  • Remind them that they can do it
    • You are here to help them if they need it
      • But let their progress be there progress; This isn’t about you after all
      • This is about teaching them that they can accomplish big things in life if they set their mind to it!
Teach Your Kids How to Set Goals

Goal setting is a life skill.

Just like doing laundry or boiling an egg, it’s something that every individual should learn how to do. So why shouldn’t we teach our kids this SUPER important life skill when they’re young?

But it doesn’t have to be this big, drawn out process. And it doesn’t take longer than a 30 minute intentional conversation with your child.

Make it simple. Brainstorm some good ideas with your kids. Pick a few realistic ones you both know can be achieved. Set expectations. Make the rewards clear. (Let’s be honest…that’s the FUN part!) And give them your love and support along the way.

You can totally do this!
Your kids can totally do this!
And I cannot wait to hear what BIG goals your family accomplishes this year!

Good Luck!

Keep it up Rookies! We all have to start somewhere!

– Krystal

Teach Your Kids How to Set Goals

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