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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

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Overcome Your Fears, Love Your Life

I remember being terrified as they hooked me up to all of those foreign machines in the hospital. There were beeps and wires I didn’t understand. The nurses flowing in and out of my room made the reality set in for what was really about to happen. I had never been more afraid in my life. 

At 22, I was about to become a mom.

Yes, I had my support system there – my husband and my parents, but they weren’t the ones who had to do the work. I had to.

I was the only one who could this.

And I was utterly crippled with the fear that I was going to do every single thing wrong.

What if I don’t push the right way?
How does breastfeeding work again?
What if something’s wrong with the baby?
What if I’m a terrible mom?
What do you mean the hospital is on lockdown because of the swine flu? (The icing on the cake for this scared mama.)

But the truth is that in the end, I did it. Scared and all, I did it. I overcame my fear.

And you can too. You just need to know how it’s holding you back and what to do to overcome it.

Overcome Your Fears, Love Your Life

It’s Okay Mama. We’ll Figure Things Out Eventually.


How Fear has held me back.

There are many cool jobs out in the world. Many that I’m more than qualified for! But when I was younger and wanting to land that sweet gig at a downtown firm or that creative marketing position, I froze.

A small voice in my head was always whispering, “You’re not qualified. You don’t know what half the stuff is on the job description! What makes you think you can do this job?” (My inner dialogue always knows how to show up and be a Negative Nancy!)

I was afraid someone would find out I was a total fraud.

I kept thinking they’d find out I don’t know the software they listened as additional experience – it wasn’t even required.

So I would fill out entire online resumes, complete the company’s questionnaires, and get ready to submit everything to HR. Then, Fear would take over.

I’d exit out of the screen and go back to thinking I was unqualified…sometimes even for my own life.

Other times, Fear has kept me in my comfort zone.

Fear’s whispers turn into screams the closer I get to trying something new.

“Don’t go to that writer’s conference! Everyone’s going to laugh at what you wrote. It’s pretty bad anyway. You don’t need someone else to tell you how bad it is. Let’s just get back in bed and watch some Netflix. I think I saw Mean Girls on there!”

Fear tries to control my life. Fear tries to tell me NOT to try new things.

But Y’all, this entire blog and the business I’m creating revolves around stepping out and trying new things. Being a Rookie means being scared, but doing it anyway.

One of the worst ways Fear has impacted my life is by telling me, especially when things are good, that something bad is right around the corner.

“You just got a promotion at work, but you know they’ll never promote you any higher. They only gave you that job because no one else wanted it. You’ll probably be stuck there for another 5 years until you finally quit. This isn’t a good thing. You just got suckered into thinking it was.”

To be fair, this was also a job I didn’t enjoy.

So Fear and resentment were teaming up together to play a pretty toxic role in my life.

Fear was continually telling me that even though I was busting my butt to do a good job, it still wasn’t enough. I even had the irrational thoughts on occasion that I was going to be fired for my performance, though I never had a single lousy manager evaluation.

Fear plays with your head.

It got under my skin and crawled into those deep, dark insecurities I had about myself and kept breeding more toxic emotions – anger, resentment, and shame.

Overcome Your Fears, Love Your Life

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back


How to Overcome Fear

So how we do you get past it? I’m talking about the type of Fear where you think you’re going to be sick. The Fear that turns into a little ball of nerves in your stomach and eventually grows to the size of a house right in your belly.

How do you keep going when the Fear gets to the point of crippling your entire life?

First, you have to remind yourself what you’ve already accomplished. So much of the time, your brain defaults to what you can’t do and you forget all of the fantastic things you’ve already accomplished!

What about the day you got your college degree?
What about that time you ran your very first 5K?
What about when you had your first child?
What about that time you traveled to a new city without knowing anyone?
What about that party you threw for your dad that was a huge hit?

It’s your job to remind yourself, and please do it often, of the things you’ve already accomplished. This shuts Fear up!

Fear can’t say anything to you when you’re telling it how awesome you know you are!

Overcome Your Fears, Love Your Life

Overcome Fear

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Get to the root of your Fear.

Are you afraid of rejection?
Are you worried you’ll disappoint someone else?
Are you scared something terrible is about to happen?
Are you scared you’ll look stupid?
Are you worried about disappointing yourself?

Find the deep, dark scary part of your fear so you can figure out a way to overcome it.

Overcome Your Fears, Love Your Life

What’s The Root of Your Fear?


Do “the thing” scared.

It’s quite shocking when I look back over the things I’ve done in my life how much of it I did without the slightest clue of what the outcome would be.

Sure, I knew the pros and cons to my decisions, but I was never 100% sure that things would work out. And the truth is, no one does. Everyone has a story of doing things scared.

Do you think Beyonce wasn’t nervous when she decided to go for it?
Do you think Reese Witherspoon knew she would get her very first acting gig?
Do you think Oprah knew she’d be the influencer she is today?

No. But they all did it anyway.

Don’t let your Fear hold you back from the most fabulous journey…a fulfilled life.

Overcome Your Fears, Love Your Life

I Was Actually Scared of Success in This Picture.


I know how hard it is to face Fear.

For a long time, I tried to make excuses for my Fear. “That’s my subconscious protecting me…There’s a reason why I shouldn’t do this…Maybe this is God’s way of telling me I’m not ready.”

But all of that was complete BS!


“I learned that courage was not the absence of ear, but the triumph over it.
The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that Fear.”
                  -Nelson Mandela


Everyone has doubts and Fears. It’s just a matter of whether we call them out and face them directly, or we stay hidden behind the shadow those Fears cast on our lives – safe and mediocre.

I choose to live life with a shaky hand.

I hope you choose to live life stretching yourself further than you ever thought possible. And don’t worry, I’ll still be doing things just as scared as you are. You aren’t alone.

Keep it up, Rookies! We all have to start somewhere!

– Krystal

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