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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

I’m the absolute worst at shaming myself! I’ve worked on my inner dialogue, but sometimes it’s just downright hateful. And the part is that it’s me talking to myself!

“You’re so stupid. How did you forget to start the dishwasher again? Now we won’t have enough dishes for breakfast and you’ll have to hand wash everything! Way to go genius!”

“Of course that shirt looks ridiculous on you! You snatched it out of the Juniors section, which you had no business in anyway, and let’s face it, you’re over 30 now! You can’t pull that stuff off anymore!”

Woah! That’s harsh, right?

How to Pray When You Feel Like a Terrible Christian

But that’s nothing compared to the shame I used to experience when I thought about talking to God.

“God doesn’t want to hear from me. I’ve screwed up WAY too many times and I’ve done unforgivable things in my life. Why would He still want to hear from me? I haven’t even tried to talk to Him in years! I’ve been a pretty terrible Christian!”

I’ve been there. Sadly, multiple times in my life. And maybe that’s where you find yourself today.

But I have refreshing news! He keeps listening and even answering my prayers! So why wouldn’t He listen to you too?

How to Pray When You Feel Like a Terrible Christian

So, How Do You Pray When You Feel Like a Terrible Christian?

Here are the steps I’ve taken:

Find Your Holy Space.

For me, this is a small couch we have in our sitting room. Complete with a dimly lit lamp, a comfy blanket, and a hot cup of coffee, this is my favorite place in the world to start my day. There are no noises. No distractions. No technology of any kind. It’s a safe space for me to be alone to meditate on my day and all the things I want to accomplish.

You can choose to pray in the shower, on your way to work, or when you’re folding laundry. The physical space doesn’t really matter. God is everywhere, right? But it does matter what mindset you’re in.

So please don’t try to do pray when you’ve got Netflix on in the background. Or in between scrolling through your Facebook feed for the 17th time.

Have a space you can go to time and time again. Your body will start to recognize this space as a place for peace and quiet and it’ll get easier to focus on God.

*Sidenote: I usually take my shoes off too.

How to Pray When You Feel Like a Terrible Christian

Find Your Time.

This was my biggest challenge when I first started my daily prayer habits.

“God, I really do want to do this, I promise. But I don’t have ANY free time! When am I supposed to make this happen?”

Well, and you may not like this next part, but you have to make the time. What do I mean by that? You may have to get up earlier than you do now. Or you may have to stay up later after the kids go to bed.

When I first decided I was going to start getting up earlier, I set my alarm for 5:45 am. Just 30 minutes earlier than my normal 6:15 am wake up call. That doesn’t seem very ambitious now, but giving up those 30 minutes of sleep was really hard for me!

But that half hour gave me plenty of time to grab some coffee, get comfy on the couch, and really get into the right mind frame.

Make sure you are consistent with a regular time so you can form a solid, healthy habit of doing it every day.

How to Pray When You Feel Like a Terrible Christian

You need to be alone.

I know it can be super hard with little ones, but this part is so important and absolutely critical! Unless you’re up in the middle of the night nursing a baby praying, “Dear God, give me strength…” you should try to be alone in your prayer time.

I remember when I first started getting up, sitting in my chair, taking a sip of my coffee, rearranging the blankets to get extra comfy, and then feeling ridiculous because I had no idea what to say.

That’s completely okay! And normal even, if you ask me!

But what makes it harder for you to get “in the zone” is if some tiny person is staring at you asking for a some more milk. Or a spouse looking for their car keys. Or a teenager wondering why in the world you’re up early as they head off to before-school practice.

Hide in your closet even if you can’t find time to sneak away from everyone else! I’ve been tempted to do this on many occasions, but I usually just end up in the bathroom floor with my face in my hands. (That’s during those desperate, spur-of-the-moment prayers! Those happen often for me.)

How to Pray When You Feel Like a Terrible Christian

Bring an open and honest heart.

Don’t just go through the motions. If you don’t “feel it”, maybe you need to find another way. Or another space. Or a new blanket. Or a fresh cup of coffee. Or you need to call your sister. Or you need to…

But at least show up and try. It took me over 6 months to finally figure out the right formula for my daily morning prayer routine.

6 months of feeling frustrated that I looked stupid.

6 months of wondering if I was saying the wrong thing.

6 months of scribbling in a journal and wondering if any of it made sense.

Then one day, it all came together. I felt like I knew what I was doing and it felt really right. I felt like God was not only hearing me but really listening to me.

God knows when you show up and fake it. That doesn’t serve anyone well. So all I’m asking if that you just show up and try.

How to Pray When You Feel Like a Terrible Christian

Write it all down.

“But Krystal, I’m not a writer.”

Well, neither was I until I started praying. So, that argument won’t work on me.

“But I don’t want anyone to read what I have to say. I have some deep-dark secrets I want to pray about, but I don’t want anyone else reading what I have to say.”

This is actually a legitimate concern. What if you’re worried about your spouse and you want to pray for their nasty habit you don’t approve of? Or what if your sister is about to push you over the edge with her drama-filled life, but you don’t want to share all of her latest gossip on paper?

That’s fine. Just do what I did. Use abbreviations. I still do this to this day. Some of it is out of a privacy issue, but it’s mostly because my prayer list is so dang long that my hand would cramp if I wrote out every single thing on my mind! (True story! My list keeps on growing!)

Keep a journal. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy at all. I used to stock up on these at the Dollar Store. $1.50/notebook and I was set!

But the best thing about writing down your prayers is being able to see when God answers them! I can go back to 3 years ago and see what was going on in my life. (I was thinking about becoming a registered dietitian and I was pregnant with our youngest son! Man, time flies!)

I can also see where God helped us out financially when we really needed it. I can see where He brought two people back together. (Their names morphed on the page from individual names back to a couple once again.) It’s so cool to see those prayers answered!

How to Pray When You Feel Like a Terrible Christian

Maybe you’ve really screwed up. Maybe you haven’t talked to God in YEARS! Maybe you’ve never even tried.

Well, I hope you give it a shot. I promise, it’s not as hard as our minds make it out to be sometimes. It’s just an open conversation about all the desires, fears, goals, dreams, worries, and people you have on your heart and mind every day.

You’re already thinking about them. Maybe some thoughts even haunt. That’s the type of stuff you need to hand over to God in prayer. You can do it. I believe you can!

Keep it up Rookies! We all have to start somewhere!

– Krystal

How to Pray – The Rookie Life (Video)

How to Pray When You Feel Like a Terrible Christian

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