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Dear Sweet Summer,

We’ve had a great time together. We’ve shared lots of memories. Do you remember when we loaded all the kids up in the car and drove to the beach? Driving 9 hours in the minivan didn’t seem so impossible with your bright smile on our side. Stopping at that questionable Arby’s didn’t seem so bad knowing we’d have you for several more months.You make me more optimistic!

Or when we rented that RV and went camping for the weekend? Although we hoped and prayed nobody got poison ivy, you pulled through with the late-night catfish feasts. The sounds of the cicadas or the taste of marshmallows with bug spray will always remind me of you.

Even all those days at the pool with all three kids and the repeated slathering of sunscreen, endless snacks, and dangerous cannonballs to the face. You were there providing tons of sunshine and warmth to our skin. Except that one time, you know what I’m talking about. Thank God for aloe vera. But I forgave you anyway. Because that’s what we do.

Yes, Summer, I love you! And I’m extremely grateful for the togetherness you’ve provided for our family.

Like when we drove to West Texas and celebrated the 4th of July together. You were there when the massive firework exploded in the middle of all the kids and you made sure no one got hurt. Yes, you were there. You even decided to throw in a fun little dust storm to change it up a bit. You’re so silly sometimes.

Summer, you were there when the first harvest in our garden sprang to life. The ever-flowing reds and oranges of the tomato plants were more than I could have dreamed of! Winter and Spring couldn’t do that. But you did, Summer. You did that!

You’ve even gotten me out of several productive tasks I should have been doing because…you’re Summer!! You’re so amazing!! You make the days longer. Popsicles more fun. And everyone overall happier. You bring the sunshine into our lives.

But Summer, baby…

It’s freaking OVER!!!!

Screaming Mama

You can’t take a freaking hint, can you?!? I need you to get off your butt and tell Fall to bring it on!

I’m done sweating all of my makeup off the instant I walk outside! I’m sick of my butt sticking to my car seat when I go anywhere! I’m done with this “Today it’ll be well over 100 degrees” nonsense I hear on the news! I’m over it! All of it!

I’ve dealt with your crap for far too long and today, honey, I’m done!

The endless hours of kids needing “Just one more snack” or the constant interaction of the tiny humans in my presence may send me over the edge. I love them, but they need to go back to school!

And I want to love you, I really do, but things just aren’t working out anymore.

Fall is easier to deal with. Fall lets me wear my hair down and pull on my boots. Fall lets me wear my leggings, even when they may not be necessary. He doesn’t care. He’s Fall!

Fall lets me drink hot coffee all day long. He doesn’t make me switch to iced lattes because it’s too hot outside. He lets me enjoy my coffee the way I want it!

Oh, and another thing! Your long hours aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be! I can’t get the kids to go to bed until at least 9:30! I mean, WTH is up with that?? I want to be in my own bed by then, but NO!!! You won’t even turn out your lights on your side of the bed anymore until I’m well past my sanity!

Ugh, Summer…I just…you just need to go.

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here! I need you to leave. Immediately. So I can regain my sanity and actually complete a thought again! Without dogs barking and noisy children!

It’s been great, it really has. And our memories, they’ll last a lifetime!

But I’m ready for Fall’s cool breezes and pumpkin spices. So take your hot air and sunburns to someone who cares!!

Until Next Year,

One Tired Mama

Dear Summer, I'm Over You

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