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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

Have you thought about becoming a writer?
Or about being the next great novelist?
Or reading your manuscript from a platform where people sit in the audience full of awe and wonder anticipating the words you’ll speak?

Then maybe you’re a writer.

Or maybe you’re just a creative person that needs to get the words out of your head and onto the page.

Whether you transplant those thoughts and ideas onto actual paper like a cave person (which is usually my method) or you choose to type like a person who has never experienced carpal tunnel, the choice is yours. I merely want to encourage you to write!


I became a writer out of necessity.


I wasn’t fulfilled as just a stay-at-home mom. I still wince when I think those words because of the comments out in the world like, “Your kids should be your life!”

Those 6 words have done a number on my mom-guilt. Believe me!

But it’s the truth. I felt guilty seeking fulfillment outside of the lives of our small children.

Until one day, I couldn’t ignore my creativity any longer. It was like a major slap in the face right there on the playground.

So let’s walk through my first experiences of becoming a writer.

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Sometimes It Comes Out of Necessity


I was taking our middle son to the park in 2014. I had all the emotions that stay-at-home moms sometimes feel that day.

  • I was overwhelmed.
  • I didn’t feel fulfilled just taking care of our household and the kids.
  • I wanted something that would help me come alive again since the responsibility of raising two little boys was utterly exhausting.

So, on that particular day, I had a phone conversation with my mom about wanting to start a new hobby. She mentioned how I used to like writing poetry when I was younger and reminded me that I had started a few journals in my teen years.


Yes. Writing. I could do that. It’s cheap. All I need is the time to do it. Why not?


And so, I started writing. And haven’t stopped since that day.

I now have a closet filled with journals and even more words I’ve strung together hanging out on the cloud. Thank God for digital storage! I would need a small building dedicated to all the things I’ve written and stored online!

But that day solidified something I didn’t even know was an issue.


I realized I wasn’t being creatively fulfilled in my life.


Creative Writing - Where to Begin?

Don’t Ever Settle for “Just A” Anything!


You Have to Make It Happen


So I did what any frugal mom (on a super strict budget) would do, I took a trip to the dollar store.

I found cheap notebooks for $1.50, bought 3 of them and started writing the next Great American Novel.

Ha! Just kidding! I still haven’t written that book, but I’m slowly working my way up to that point.

But what I did do has played a pivotal role in how I continue to write today.

I wrote down everything that I needed to do for the next few days to make time for my writing.

There was:

  • Laundry
  • Bath times
  • Baseball practice
  • PTO meetings
  • Help with homework
  • Boy scout meetings
  • Dishes
  • Grocery shopping
  • Storytimes
  • Dinners to make
  • Weekly Workouts

These are all of the things I needed to squeeze into my week so we still functioned well as a family. This doesn’t even include the other miscellaneous things that pop up throughout any given!

I suddenly realized that I was way too busy with two small kids at home to be a writer.


My thoughts were telling me, “You should just give up on your silly dream before you even start. It’s not going to work out anyway.”


Once I snapped myself out of the doubtful thoughts I too quickly trapped my mind in, I just sat down and wrote what was on my mind.

I went back to the basics. I allowed what was inside of me to flow through my pen and onto the page.

Creative Writing - Where to Begin?

Always Go Back to the Basics!


You Have to Make Time For It


Going back to the thought of “making it happen”, I tried to write when the kids were around.

Did that happen?

Not so much. I failed every time.

It was inevitable that someone needed a drink of water or a snack or for me to grab a toy they’d thrown on top of the counter. They always needed something, those greedy little time-snatchers!

So I started writing when I had free time.

HA! I’m on a roll today with these jokes!

I had NO free time! None! Nada! Zilch!

My day was filled with running around and making sure everyone had food, clean clothes, matching socks, a clean uniform, groceries in the fridge, a clean diaper, and that everyone had plenty of my attention. 

So what did I do when I realized I had no time for my new idea? I gave up. No, not really. Not this time at least.


I started waking up earlier.


Don’t misunderstand me here. I’ve always been an early bird and the mornings are my most productive time of the day.

Except back in 2014…when I was getting up with just enough time to get my oldest son dressed and fed before I dropped him off at school – which might have been around 6:30 am.

The “me” today laughs at how late I used to sleep. Geez, what were you doing with your life to sleep in so late?  Slacker!

That’s only because today, I get up at 5:00 am Monday – Friday to write.

But back then, I committed to just getting up 15 minutes earlier. 6:15 am instead of 6:30 am.

I had 2 kids under 7 at the time and sleep was pretty precious to me, but I figured I could force myself to go to sleep 15 minutes earlier to wake up earlier. It didn’t seem like too much of a sacrifice.


So I started showing up every day for my writing and you know what, it started showing up for me.


I wasn’t writing stories or entire books back then, but I was writing my thoughts, prayers, and ideas down.

I figured out that showing up consistently every day to the same space, the same chair, the same notebook, and the same pen created a visceral reaction in my mind that opened the floodgates of ideas. And I believe this is the most basic way for anyone to begin writing.


Show up, consistently every single day, until the words start to flow freely.


Creative Writing - Where to Begin?

Show Up Every Day


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
― Maya Angelou


If you have a desire to write something, write it.

Write without expectation.
Write without an agenda.
Write without comparison.
Write like nobody’s watching.

You have a story. Everyone does.


But only you can write your version of the story.


So listen to the voice inside of you that’s screaming to be creative, make it happen, and make time to show up consistently every single day.

Keep it up, Rookies! We all have to start somewhere!

– Krystal

Creative Writing - Where Do You Begin?

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