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Hi, I'm Krystal.
Welcome to The Proffitt Podcast - where we teach you how to create  content with confidence.

Podcasting has become second nature to me.

What To Do Before You Hit Publish on Your Podcast!

I can open my software, press record, edit, write a compelling description, create graphics, produce my social media sneak peeks, and upload everything within the span of an hour.

Maybe add on 30 minutes for toddler interruptions that happen from time to time.

But that hasn’t always been the case.

Oh no, no, no…


What To Do Before You Hit Publish on Your Podcast!It used to take me at least 3-4 takes on one single 1-minute segment to make sure I wasn’t…

Too loud…
Saying “Ummm” too many times…
To clear my throat…
Pausing to record again because I hit the wrong button (again)!

Oh yes, the first few weeks and months were filled with learning curves.

  • Equipment
  • Marketing
  • Building an Audience
  • Finding Guests to Interview
  • Figuring Out HOW to Interview

It was around week 3 that I realized I needed to get some systems set in place.

Let’s be real…I’m naturally a “lists” person.

I make lists for what I need to do today.
Grocery lists.
Birthday party lists.
“Bills to Pay” lists.
“Chores I need to do” lists.
Etc, Etc, Etc…

But it wasn’t until I found myself frustrated and wondering why I was so confused that I realized it was because I didn’t have a list in place for every step that needs to happen on the podcast.


I started asking myself questions:What To Do Before You Hit Publish on Your Podcast!

What do I need to do first?
How do I do it?
What step goes after I start recording?
What steps go before I hit publish?
How do I make sure my guests know what’s going on?
What would I want to know if I was a guest on a podcast?
How can I make this process so much easier?

Luckily, my ridiculous list making obsession paid off in a REALLY big way! I created my Podcast Checklist as well as my interview guidelines so I knew what needed to happen when! 

But the truth is, I’ve been doing this for a while and I get cocky sometimes…


I think, “I don’t need to look at my checklist.
I’ve been doing this for over 9 months now!
I know what I’m doing.
I’ve got this!”


Then I realize I forgot to upload my Facebook graphic.
Or that I didn’t enter in all of my information in my BuzzSprout account for the podcast episode.
Or I forgot to add in specific links to my show notes.

The Rookie Life PodcastI really could go on and on with the mistakes I’ve made over the last few months, but you don’t have 700 hours to listen to me rambling.

Instead, I’ll encourage you to go with your gut and develop a plan for your podcast from the beginning.

If you already have a podcast, GREAT! You probably have somewhat of a system in place, even if you haven’t formally written it down!

If you don’t have a podcast but you’re creating one this year, please take my advice:



Create a system as you go along and


It’ll make your life so much easier when you try to duplicate your processes. It’ll also give you a springboard to allow someone else to help you in the future when your podcast makes it to the BIG LEAGUES! (Because that’s the end goal, right?)


What Are the Production Steps
for The Rookie Life Podcast, you ask?


Well, I’d be delighted to share them with you.
If these can make your life easier, then please use them and use them often!

Grab My “Podcast Checklist” in the FREE Resource Library.
Download HERE or Signup to 
Get Library Access.



  1. Pick ONE Topic

    • Meaning, only discuss one thing on each episode.
    • There can be many different layers to the ONE focus topic you choose, but don’t tell me about digital marketing and then go on a tangent about how underwater basket weaving changed your life in 1997!
    • Just stick to ONE topic and ONE topic only!
  2. Decide on a Solo or Interview Format for your podcast.

    • Do you plan on having guests?
    • Or are you going to fly solo on your show?
    • Decide this from the beginnig that way your raving fans will know what to expect as you produce your show content.
  3. Schedule Recording Time/Interview.

    • I can’t telly ou how crticial it is to keep an appointment with yourself.
    • If you say, “Oh, I’ll record my next episode whenever I get free time…” it’ll NEVER happen!
    • Put it on your calendar when you plan to record, whether it’s a solo episode or an interview with a guest.
    • Trust me, it’ll make you life easier and more productive to keep a calendar!
  4. Write Solo Outline or Interviewee Questions.

    • Outlines are my best friends!
    • Because let’s be real, they’re just an organized “list” of all the things I’m going to say and I LOVE MY LISTS!
    • Keep it simple.
    • Remember elementary English? You had an intro, middle, and a conclusion. It’s the same thing here!
    • Interviewing questions can vary from podcast to podcast, but I developed a list of “10 Questions to Ask ANY Guest on ANY Podcast”! You can grab it in the resource library.
    • Create an outline for your show!
  5. Collect Guest Bio.

    • Ask you guest to send you a short bio about themselves that you can then read as part of your podcast episode introduction.
    • Nothing fancy here. Just whatever they want your audience to know about them personally and professionally.
  6. Record Solo Show or Conduct Interview.

    • This is the MOST FUN PART!
    • Record your show.
    • Conduct Your Interview.
    • And remember to smile when you’re recording. It does make a difference.
  7. Decide on Publishing Date.

    • Again, going back to the calendar.
    • Stay organized with your dates and BE CONSISTENT on when you publish new content!
    • This is so important, even when you’re just starting out.
    • Pick a day and stick with it!
  8. Record Extra Content.

    • Episode Intro
    • Guest Intro/Bio
    • Sponsored Ads (I Prefer Self-Sponsoring Episodes!)
    • Episode Outro
  9. Upload All Audio/Music Into One File.

    • We didn’t talk a whole lot about music, but I’m assuming you’re going to have it somewhere in your podcast.
    • We also didn’t get much into software (I use Audacity to record/edit), but that’s for another post. (Remember, ONE TOPIC at a time!)
  10. Format & Edit Episode in Audacity.

    • Oh, here’s where I mention Audacity.
    • If you’re thinking about podcasting, you can download this FREE software to try it out.
    • Record yourself and listen to it.
    • It’ll sound SUPER weird the first few times and that’s totally normal!
    • Remember when you used to hear yourself on your voicemail and it weirded you out. Same thing, but you get used to it!
  11. Export Episode as MP3.

    • This is a step you MUST do if you’re creating in Audacity.
    • Going a little techy for a sec, but bear with me…Audacity files are specific to Audacity and won’t upload to a podcasdt hosting platform.
    • You MUST export your files as an MP3 before uploading to your hosting site, like BuzzSprout.com (Which is what I use and I highly recommend!)
  12. Upload to Hosting Site (Like BuzzSprout.com)

    • This is the place that sends out your podcast episode to podcast players like iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, iHear Radio, and yes, even your Alexa!
  13. Write Commentary for Episode.

    • People need to know what your episode is about and your episode description is the first clue that they’ll receive about your podcast episode.
    • You need to make sure it’s compelling and something that you’d stop your scroll and say, “Oh that sounds interesting!” Or “I want to know more about that” or “Yes, I do want to know how Krystal first started podcasting” (SHAMELESS PLUG!)
  14. Create Shownotes and/or Chapter Markers

    • Show notes are where you can share your guest’s links to their website/social media/products/etc as well as have an entire transcription of the podcast episode.
    • I’m not sure if all hosting sites offer this, but BuzzSprout lets you create chapter markers within your show too.
    • These let you insert text or links directly into your episode.
  15. Create & Download Soundbite.

    • Another reason I love BuzzSprout (You can tell I really love them, right?) is how easy it is to create sound bites.
    • What is a soundbite? I’ll show you.
    • It’s a video file that has an audio wave bouncing up and down as your episode plays.
    • These are an AMAZING tool to use when you’re trying to market your podcast.
    • It gives your audience a chance to listen to a 30-second clip of your episode.


  16. Share “Sneak Peek” Before Episode Airs.

    • Again, your soundbite is the perfect content teaser for upcoming episodes!
  17. Talk About Your Episode When It Goes Live!

    • I’ve shared the steps that I take during a “Typical Week Podcasting” in the resource library, but going LIVE on social media and posting graphics when the episode airs contributes to a large part of my podcast’s success.
    • People want to know when there’s a new episode.
    • And while your loyal listeners will subscribe and know exactly when new content is available, there are always new listeners on the search for relevant content…just like your podcast!

What To Do Before You Hit Publish on Your Podcast!And that’s it.
My Podcast Checklist that I go through before I publish ANYTHING on The Rookie Life.

I probably could’ve added the other nuanced things that I do in-between some of the processes, but this is what I’ve got today.

I hope you found this helpful and that you consider launching your podcast this year! 

While we’re on the subject…


What’s Holding YOU Back from Starting Your Podcast?

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